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Tournament at Camelot

7 990 Ft
Eredeti ár: 8 990 Ft


Kategória: Party társasjáték
Nyelv: Angol
Időtartam: 45 perc
Játékosszám: 3-6 fp
Nehézség: Könnyű

How to play:

In the time of King Arthur, knights displayed their skill and prowess at tournaments held throughout the land.

In Tournament at Camelot, you play as a legendary character who is battling opponents with weapon cards: arrows, swords, deception, sorcery, and even alchemy. The more you injure your opponents, the better you fare in the tournament. However, even the most injured characters can make a complete comeback with the grace of Godsend cards and the aid of their special companions.

This trick-taking game ends when one opponent has been injured to the point of death. The player with the most health is then declared the tournament victor!

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